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Besides a free trial, you can also download an absolutely free Heads Up HUD from the bottom of the page – the Enthusiast HUD. This is for you, if you only play heads up occasionally, and don’t want to spend money on a premium HUD, but you also don’t want to be at a disadvantage, when you do play Heads Up.
But if you are more serious about heads up, then you can also get a free trial of the Master and Pro versions of the +EV Heads Up HUD, which has more stats and also a lot of popups for even more in depth look into your opponents’ game.

The Heads Up Master HUD

The Heads Up Pro HUD

The Heads Up Enthusiast HUD

Heads Up improves all the other poker games you play

Whatever poker game you play, playing heads up will help you improve every one of them. If you play tournaments – whether SnG’s or MTT’s – then you have to know how to play heads up, because first place is where the money is at. Even if you play 6-max cash games, then playing heads up will improve your hand reading and also your exploiting skills. Being good at heads up let’s you also start tables and this could be very profitable vs some regs, who ‘think’ they are good at heads up. Not to mention, sometimes you can play heads up with a recreational players, which is the most profitable situation that can happen – doesn’t happen that often anymore, but if it does, it will give a nice boost to your winrate and to your bankroll.

Winning matters

In heads up – like all the other poker formats – the most important thing is not to play GTO, or ‘good poker’ (whatever that means). The goal is to win – and to win – you need to identify your opponents’ leaks and then exploit them. To do this, you need a HUD, because you just can’t remember everything. A HUD helps to paint a picture of their game plan, which helps you identify their weaknesses. Otherwise you would just exchange the blinds back and forth – until the rake has taken all the money.
In heads up, the stats converge faster, because you play a lot more hands than in 6-max or full ring, and most of them also see a flop. This means, with a good HUD you’ll get to identify the leaks of your opponents’ a lot faster and win the money before it all goes to rake.

Let’s take a closer look at the +EV Heads Up HUD panels

The Small Blind Preflop panel

Let’s briefly go over the +EV Heads Up HUD panels, using the Master HUD as an example.

The SB panel shows the preflop actions the player has taken when they are on the small blind.
It is divided into 2 columns: Limp and RFI (raise first in). In the bottom you can also see the name of the player and how many hands you have on them.

The Big Blind Preflop panel

The BB panels shows the preflop actions the player has taken when they are on the big blind.
It is also divided into 2 columns: Vs Limp and Vs RFI. Vs Limp shows how often the player raises, when you open limp from the button. The Vs RFI shows how they react to your steals: how often they fold, call, or 3-bet.

The SRP IP panel

SRP IP shows the stats for single raised (2bet) pots, from the SB point of view.
On top you have the standard C-Bet stats for flop, turn and river. Then there’s the delayed C-Bet stats. Vs XR shows how they react vs check-raises. Vs Donk shows actions vs donk bets (leads into the previous streets aggressor). After X shows how the player continues, after they check back, instead of C-Betthese are very important stats to keep in mind, especially vs weaker players, because some may have extremely exploitable tendencies in this situation.

The SRP OOP panel

SRP OOP is the opposite of SRP IP – it shows stats for how the BB plays after calling the preflop raise.
On top, there are the standard Fold vs C-Bet, Call vs C-Bet and Check-Raise stats. Vs Dld shows how they react to delayed C-Bets. Donk shows how often they lead into the preflop aggressor. VsMCB shows how often they bet after the preflop raiser has not C-Bet.

The 3-Bet Pot IP panel

The 3-Bet Pot IP is similar to SRP OOP in a way – it shows the stats for the SB, when they raise preflop, face a 3-Bet and decide to call – so they are the preflop caller.
The B-B-B, under the VsMCB means, how often they bet twice, or three times, after the 3-Bettor did not C-Bet.

The 3-Bet Pot OOP panel

The 3-Bet Pot OOP shows the stats from the preflop 3-Bettors point of view, after the SB open raised.
The stats are the same like for the SRP IP, but just filtered for the 3-Bet pot situation.
In Heads Up, it is very important to differentiate between 3-Bet pots and single raised pots, because the positions (IP/OOP) are reversed and protecting your ranges OOP is a lot more important than IP, which means more chances to exploit your opponent, if they don’t pay attention to that.

The Misc panel

Misc panel shows the Aggression Factor and Aggression Frequency for all 3 streets. Below those you can see the Won When Saw Flop, Went To ShowDown and Won at ShowDown stats.

The aggression stats are important, for example, determining if you should go for a check-raise (high), or bet yourself (low). WWSF is also more of an aggression statistic, which tells you how likely it is that they will take an aggressive action.

The popups

The +EV Pro and Master HUD’s also come with a lot of popups, which show more in depth information for different situations.
The popups are divided into 2 main columns where possible: Single Raised Pots and 3-Bet Pots. Sometimes also by position: in position and out of position.
Here you can see an example of how the popups look – they are all formatted like this – title on top, then the 2 columns, the streets, stats on a lighter background, actions in the middle and in the bottom line there’s the player name and how many hands you have on them.
The popups are assigned to relevant HUD panels, so it’s very intuitive to find them – just click on the panel and the popups will… pop up.

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