About PlusEVhuds


HUD’s have been available for a long time and have evolved a lot since they first came out. The first HUD I used was the PokerAceHUD. It was very basic and had only 49 stats available – it didn’t even have a 3-Bet stat. But fortunately soon after, both Holdem Manager and PokerTracker 3 released their betas, and both came with a built in HUD. They both also included a 3-Bet stat, which was a very big thing back then. If you were around those times, then you probably remember the hype around the 3-Bet stat, which might sound a bit weird now.

But with more complicated HUD’s, it also became a lot more complicated to build a competitive HUD. With hundreds of stats available and the ability to create custom stats, it became so complicated, that many just used the default HUD’s that came with the tracker, because building a HUD seemed such a big task to undertake, that it was better not to even start.

There are HUD’s available to buy, but the cheaper ones are just some stats thrown together in 5 minutes, and the better ones can cost several hundred – which not everybody can afford.
This is where PlusEVhuds comes in – prices starting from €7.99 make it possible for everybody, who take winning in poker seriously, have the ability to have a real world class HUD, and jump-start their poker career. Or if you’re an experienced player, but haven’t spent hundreds to thousands of hours to build a custom HUD for yourself, then now there are no obstacles anymore to get the best HUD you could ever want.


PlusEVhuds is here to provide world class HUD’s for everybody, who take poker seriously and want to improve their winrate. All this without breaking the bank!